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Pictures of some 2 Flight Members

Whilst at the 2 Flight/402 Squadron Reunion I came across these pictures and thought it would be great to add them to the Yesteryear listings.

The Reunion and and Farewell to SQNLDR Wilson took place on the

21st of August 2003

The picture below was taken I guess in the 80's

Rick James (sadly no longer with us),Davis,???,

Many thanks to John Sedunary for supplying the following Infore the above photograph:

"1st photo: Rick James, Larry Davis and Ron King

Larry wasn't in the Corps for very long.

Ron King is a real character. He was a naval officer, air traffic controller and then an instructor. He and I were always at each others' throats about which of us was the best trainer in Australia! Before he left the Corps, he was Staff Office r- Ground Training."

Davis,Ron King,Peter Wilson,

Peter Wilson,Shaun Young

Rifle Range I believe,and the person on the far right is Peter Wilson.Would appreciate any help in identifying the other two officers.

Many thanks to Mr Laurie Bell for permission to publish these gems.Laurie is a member of the RAAFA (Royal Australian Air Force Association) Air Training Corps Branch Archives.

"don't shoot till you see the whites of their eyes lads!!!" Former Sargeant Tom Bentley (second from left)and comrades having a "shot" at it

John Sedunary supplied the following info:

"Rifle shooting photo (with Tom): The CUO is Bruce Henderson, The SGT is Frank Inzitarri & the CPL is Dean. (I don't recall his first name.)"

Close up of the "Sarge" Himself,we must say though Tom ...the hair is looking a tad bit Air Leaguish!!

Graham Crickmore being chatted to by Sir Richard Williams for being a "lil tike"

"What was that lad?? Knee high to grasshopper did you say??

John Sedunary(Second from left) can be seen here at a presentation award.

Group shot of the occasion.

From John Sedunary:

"The CUO in the last photo is Bruce Henderson.

Bruce was an army CUO at Preston Technical School. He was always immaculately dressed & tough. Frank was also a CUO in the army. When he joined the ATC (as it was then known), he was promoted very quickly. I always thought he was a class act"

CUO John Sedunary